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The most popular and exciting attraction at any casino online is the simple seductive game of slots.

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Now that you have tried your hand at a few games you understand but there are many considerations to bear in mind while playing especially the more often you play. Slot games, in different varieties. Online slots for real money can have 3 or 5 reels, with different bonuses, multipliers, even progressive jackpots.  To familiarize yourself with slots game terms used in this article, refer to the slots guide at

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One of the first strategies you need to employ for online slots real money wins is paying attention to the number of pay lines. When you are looking at different slot games at online casinos for real money there are different rules and different pay out lines for each. Not all games are designed the same such that if you want to maximize the bankroll you have and your potential for winning, you need to find games that are within your budget based on pay lines and rules. For example, if you are not quite a beginner but not yet an advanced High Roller, you don't want the beginning games that cost a you cents per game but only pay out a few cents per game. Alternatively you also don't want the games that require at least $100 to maximize the bet per round. Rather, you need to be looking for middle-of-the-road games. It is easier to find these in a traditional casino simply because the casino floor is divided in such a way that most of the players will be at those middle-of-the-road areas so high traffic is usually indicative of where you want to be. At an online casino you need to do some research and review the requirements for each game before you place your bets. Bets with larger minimum requirements are not going to fall into the category where you want to play as a middle-of-the-road player. You need to hone all of your skills before you dive into more advanced areas.

Choose the Highest Payouts 

It might seem like an obvious tip to choose the game with the highest payout but it is actually a common mistake made by beginning players. In order to play online slots for real money, and walk away happy, you need to follow the basics. When players go online and with the high variety of slot games available it's very easy to make the mistake of not choosing the slot game with the highest payout. You need to find the online machines that give you the highest payout in the form of the return to player percentage. This return to player percentage is comprised of all the money wagered on a particular slot game and how much of that money gets returned back to the players. This does not specifically mean how much money you get back when you play each time. In fact you can win a lot more than that return to player percentage. The extra amount you win of course comes at the expense of someone else which is what keeps the game interesting. You can search online for return to player percentages after you decide on the casino games you want to use. Reputable companies will mention the return to player percentage somewhere on the website you are using. Online there will be a variance between 92% and 97% on average. You want to choose online slot games that have returned to players a percentage of at least 96%.

Review Volatility

We've already talked about the importance of paying attention to pay lines. Equally important is knowing the volatility for the best Canadian online slots. This is referred to in some cases as the variance level or the risk level. The volatility of a given game measures how much risk is involved financially which effectively determines how you are able to win. Games that have low volatility mean the winnings happen more frequently however, the amount you win is going to be smaller because you were more often. Slot games that have high volatility have very few wins but when you win the amount you win is much larger. There is no option better than the other. It all comes down to which you personally prefer. As a beginning player with some familiarity, if you are not patient enough to risk a larger bankroll and wait long term for a massive win, the low volatility slot games are going to be better suited to you. Conversely if you have the time and the money to wait things out, the high volatility options are better. 

You can figure out the volatility of a given game by reading different things online. Some providers will publicize the volatility but not all of them in which case you need to go searching from the manufacturer. Alternatively you can try and figure it out through trial-and-error where by you play the game end see how often you win and what types of winnings you receive. If the success happens regularly but the amount you get is small it has low volatility. If you don't win often but when you do you get a large prize, it probably has high volatility.  Additionally, if the slot is a high volatility game, it will not have many bonus features or bonus games built into it. The more games and future built into a single spin, the less volatility is involved in that game.

 A more effective, failsafe way to test the volatility is to take advantage of free spins bonuses from given websites and use those free spins to test the volatility of different games. This will give you some insight into which ones you prefer long-term.

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