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How do we compare online casinos?

Our team of experts look into the best bonus offers and online casinos, comparing casino websites using a thorough set of strict criteria.


We examine and explain each casino's individual bonus system. Our experts make sure to provide players with insight into the playthrough requirements, deadlines, and payment conditions.


Our website provides you with in-depth reviews of the best and most profitable games in the iGaming sector, providing valuable tips on everything you need to know about casino games.

Device Compatibility

Our top Canadian mobile casinos will be fully compatible with multiple devices and support a great variety of gaming options.

Reward Programs

We examine casino Reward programs in detail, as they play an essential role in building long-term benefits for players.


We thoroughly investigate the security measures available at each casino, testing against the industry's established benchmarks.


How quickly and reliably your money is deposited and withdrawn is a determining factor in whether you choose to play at a particular casino. We examine the options and provide accurate feedback.


Customer support is an integral part of any online casino. We examine the service's availability, responsiveness and helpfulness.


Software defines the player experience. We carefully research the innovative platforms that power the best online casinos.


Online slots casinos come with effortless navigation and beautiful designs, making it easy for users to enjoy the websites' offers and features.

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Canadian Casinos FAQs

Answers to the frequently asked questions!


Is gambling at online casinos legal?

Yes. Most online casinos have been licensed by a trusted regulatory authority which has issued a permit after careful examining the website's gaming operations. At Canadian Casinos we focus our reviews on legal casinos only.

How are online casino games guaranteed random results?

Canadian online casinos operate with a Random Number Generator (RNG), a complex algorithm that generates numbers at random. This algorithm determines the outcome of games. A licensing authority examines the RNG to establish its fairness and stamps it with a Provably Fair seal, meaning that results aren't predetermined.

How can players be certain they will be paid their winnings?

Picking a trustworthy casino is a matter of diligent research as well as following the recommendations of experts. Double-checking with customer reviews and terms of service details help you establish the credibility of casinos.


How long does it take to play after the first deposit?

There's no specified timeframe, but it usually takes a few seconds for the system to register the deposit. Depending on the payment method you use, it can take longer for specific transactions, such as bank transfers. Some casinos might require account verification before you can deposit and play.

Are casinos compatible to play on mobile devices?

Mobile compatibility is a defining feature of online casinos. The best online mobile casino you find will be compatible with both iOS and Android software and devices. HTML5 is a new technology that helps portable casinos to include the full range of products iGaming vendors have to offer. A growing number of casinos are also developing native apps to make the mobile experience even more accomplished for the end user.


Is your money secure at an online casino?

Each reputable and licensed online casino provides state-of-the-art security, including the latest SSL encryption standards. Your funds are always safe at the recommended casinos we list. Read through our reviews to learn more about individual operators.

Are most currencies accepted at online casinos?

Casinos handle multiple currencies, allowing users to quickly adjust their banking to the one best suited to their needs. The banking section of your online casino of choice will provide you with a detailed breakdown of which currencies are currently available.

Are there fees on deposits and withdrawals?

Deposit and withdrawal fees are a rarity these days. In most cases, such expenses are covered by the casinos or cancelled out by the payment services themselves. In the cases where deposits and withdrawals incur charges, you can expect this information to be duly noted on the casino's banking pages.

Gaming Odds and Probability

Is there a way to be certain of my prospects of winning?

In order to maintain the fairness of the games, outcomes at online casinos are totally random. With the casino not knowing the winnings of individual users at any given time, the games remain safe, and beyond the influence of third-parties. As to the chances of winning, you cannot be certain, but you can influence the result of a game by choosing one with specific volatility and return to player (RTP) rates. With a game of low volatility, you will win often but with lower payouts. Medium volatility games will win in a more steady way, with better sums. High volatility games give fewer payouts, but when you do win, it will be a higher amount. The higher the RTP the greater the percentage of the funds played by the player are being paid back. Volatility information can usually be found in the game developer's website. RTP can be viewed at the casino website itself.

Are some games more profitable than others?

Yes. Although the majority of games found on online casinos are called "games of chance", you can still single out the better-paying ones and play them. Progressive jackpots are completely random and they promise payouts that can reach millions worth of a single currency, if you are so lucky.Your focus should be on table games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. These games often come with RTP rates that reach up to 99%. One particularly profitable game is Video Poker. It's unlike the real game, pitting you against the dealer only (instead of other players) and offers you a unique chance to increase your bankroll.

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Best Canadian Online Casinos

Guide to Online Casinos

Online casinos offer a unique experience compared to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.  When you visit cities like Las Vegas you will find yourself trapped in an exciting atmosphere that oozes sophistication and luxury.  For individual visits, occasional celebrations, places like these offer a great deal of intrigue and potential. These are not environments you will be able to recreate in an online casino, however, when you play at online casinos you have access to advantages that traditional brick-and-mortar casinos simply can't offer.

For fast, easy access to great online casino fun, just sign up in a matter of moments. Choose your online casino, download the user-friendly software, and create a new account. You’ll even get a nice sign-up bonus as an additional welcome. 

Not a fan of software downloads? Don’t worry – there are still options to get started at an online casino without installing anything on your computer! Access to the amazing array of online casino games is available via instant (or Flash) options, which require no downloading. 

Win Real Money and Perks

With Canadian online casinos for real money, you have the chance to capitalize upon many perks.  First and foremost with online casinos you get incentives such as free games and bonuses that you would never find in a physical casino. You will never walk into a casino in Las Vegas, show somebody your bank roll, and have them hand you that same monetary amount as a bonus but in an online environment that is exactly what a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus gives you. You sign up for the site and make your first deposit with the bank roll you plan to use while gambling, and the casino matches that bonus based upon a predetermined percentage. If, for example, you signed up with an online casino that offered a 100% match bonus and you deposited $500, that casino would theoretically give you 500 extra dollars with which to gamble bringing your total bankroll to $1,000.

The bonuses and incentives don't stop there. Other bonuses keep you playing on a regular basis by rewarding you for making deposits on a monthly basis, for playing specific games, remaining loyal, using certain payment methods, and much more.  Bonuses are administered to those who play from their phones, those who use a desktop, and those who try new games.

These sorts of rewards from your casino are their way of spending their advertising dollars. Instead of buying flashing ads that everyone ignores and sending emails that go right into the junk mail folder, these online casinos offer the money directly to you, the consumer. The hope is, by offering a big enough reward, you will want to come back to their virtual establishment again and again.

Higher RTP

When you play you can win real money online. The operational cost for an online establishment are much lower than a physical casino which means you will win more often than you do in a physical casino when you play online. Not only will you win more often but the amount you win will be higher. The return-to-play or percentages are much more favourable in an online environment.

Play for Free

Another advantage to using an online casino is that you can play for free when you are starting out. Under no financial obligation, can you sign up for a site and start playing the free play versions. This allows you the opportunity to learn how the game works, what the rules are, and apply strategies you might have picked up elsewhere. You would certainly not be afforded the same opportunity in a traditional casino.

Less Stress and More Comfort

For most people, every time they want to gamble they can't conveniently visit a casino. However, with an online casino you can. You can choose to play anytime, anywhere. If you are working 14 hours a day and you only have a few hours in the morning where are you don't have any plans, you can fill those few hours with some online gambling. If you only have a few minutes or maybe 30 minutes in between appointments, while waiting for someone to arrive, or sitting for an appointment, you can play a few games from your mobile device without having to travel all the way to a casino. It is easy and convenient to access games online.

It is all so much more comfortable for most people. Going to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City requires that you dress up, that you be presentable, and there was a lot going on in that environment which contributes to the excitement but can also be stressful. It can be a lot more difficult to gamble at a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment than it is to gamble in the comfort of your home. Even if the casino is relatively quiet and isn't very busy, it still means the dealers and the pit bosses are eyeballing your every move and people passing by are watching what you do to see if maybe you know something they don't. You might be an expert in blackjack but you don't know how to play roulette and trying to walk up to a table in a traditional casino and learn is somewhat challenging especially if everyone else is an advanced player. You simply might be a novice, unsure of how any of the games work and desperate for a chance to practice in a safe and secure environment. When you play online in the comfort of your home you don't have to dress up, there aren't people watching you, and you can learn at your own pace.

Online there is bigger variety too.  Chances are you have visited a casino once or twice and looked around only to find the types of games they offered in the variety was somewhat limited. Maybe you played one game that has a television theme but you haven't been able to find it since at other casinos. With online casinos that isn't a problem because you can choose from hundreds of games all provided by reputable software providers and never get bored. You can literally choose a new game every time you play or try to learn how to play a different types of games like video poker, table games, slot games, and more. It is very likely that if there is a game you truly like,  you will be able to find it in an online casino even if you have only ever stumbled upon it once in your travels.

The Online Casinos That We List Help Problem Gamblers

Despite efforts to raise awareness of the possibility of gambling addiction, some gamblers still struggle with addictive behavior. Addiction can be both life changing and devastating.  All Canadian-casinos.org reviewed online casinos, with their customers’ interests at heart, suggest programs to help afflicted players.  Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous, GameAware and the Responsible Gambling Council can also be of help.

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