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The simplest lottery style game found online, Keno provides fun and a chance for nice payouts.

Guide to Online Casino Keno | Keno Basics for Beginners

Keno is a lottery based game one that you can play it online casinos. It started at brick-and-mortar casinos traditionally and gained its popularity over the decades until online casinos began to outpace brick-and-mortar establishments in terms of popularity. Now players can enjoy keno games without having to visit a real casino and instead can visit a real online casino. Playing the game is very simple and hundreds of people can participate in a single game. One of the most appealing aspects to online Keno is that when you play keno online it doesn't rush by as quickly as other games like Blackjack or video poker where you could play 600 games in a single hour. Instead once you learn to play online Keno you will notice that the rounds generally take about 5 to 6 minutes each which is why you can enjoy it at a much more relaxed pace.

Basic Online Keno for Beginners

With beginners Keno at online casinos the basics of the game are fairly simple to understand.  Players who want to participate will receive a virtual card in the casino and that card has a grid of different numbers. The numbers are ordered sequentially and they range from 1 all the way up through 80.  As the player you mark a place on up to 20 of those cards and you can choose whichever you mark with whatever mark you want. Most people use the traditional X. Then the virtual machines select up to 20 numbers at random. There are certain games that restrict you as a player to less than 20 numbers per ticket so you want to be diligent in figuring out the rules for specific online casinos before you start playing.

The way you win money is by having selected the random 20 numbers that are also selected by the random number generator. The amount of money you win is contingent upon how many of your selected numbers match the numbers that were selected by the machine. The way that the money is distributed is based entirely on the page table of that particular gambling site. Most of the time if you match a larger quantity of numbers you will receive a larger reward and if you match a smaller quantity of numbers you will receive a smaller reward. Some websites are exceptions to this rule. For example, the odds of getting 0 matches are very slim but there are some casinos that will give you an incredibly happy payout if by chance you selected 20 numbers and none of them were a winning number.

Keno Terminologies

When you play online the terminology you have to understand is fairly simple. You don't have to look out for a Keno runner, which is the term given to those employees in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment who run around selling the tickets. Instead you can simply buy them on the online site you are using. There are different varieties which might have slightly altered names. If for example you want to play a different variety of Keno you might need to read a guide to Keno roulette in order to understand the differences and the terminology associated with that specific variant.

In general you select the numbers directly from your web browser and after you choose your numbers and place your bets, the round is processed and you get to see the results displayed on your screen. Now, playing online will take place faster than playing in a traditional casino because the process is automated and sometimes all of these numbers are displayed simultaneously.  In other cases the casinos might display the 20 numbers called by the machine 1 and a time in order to simulate the environment of a land-based casino and enhance the overall excitement that players get.

You want to be cognizant of the pay table. The pay table refers to how much money you win for different scenarios. This terminology is going to remain the same no matter which online environment you use. Before you start betting real money pay attention to the pay table of that specific casino. The size of your winnings will depend on how many of the numbers you picked, how much money you bet, and how many of your numbers were ultimately chosen. For example, some casinos stipulate on their pay table that choosing 3 numbers and matching all three of those numbers with a bet of $2 will give you a total payout of $50. But choosing 3 numbers and matching all three with a bet of $5 will give you a total payout of $125. In some situations matching two of the numbers will get you a $4 payout or even a $10 payout. Choosing 6 numbers and matching all 6 might earn you  $2,000 or up to $5,000 in a payout depending on if you placed that $2 bet initially or that $5 bet initially. The reward amount you can get goes up even higher formatting 7, 8, or even 10 numbers. By matching half of your selected numbers you can double your wager. That's literally all it takes which is why matching additional numbers makes each round incredibly profitable and the possibility of winning big is substantial and therefore very attractive to many players.

Now it's Keno Time!

You can try some games yourself at one of the sanctioned casinos at Before you get too crazy try a few games for free using the demo option and as you learn to play and get more comfortable with the game, you can start betting money and enjoying the games as you win real money payouts.


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