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Playing Canadian casino games online can be fun but when your gaming is involved at a real money casino, then the thrill of winning becomes even more powerful. When you start playing at a real money casino you have a higher chance of increasing your account balance, especially if Lady Luck is at your side.

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Why Play Online Casinos for Real Money?

When you visit Canadian online casinos can you play the casino games for real money and derive much more enjoyment whether you do it casually or regularly. With online slots for real money, for example, your 'return to player percentages' (RTP) are much higher compared to playing the same slot games at a traditional land-based casino. The operational and overhead costs of the online casino are much lower compared to a traditional, physical brick-and-mortar establishment.  As the player, you reap the benefits of those cost savings in the form of extra bonuses, higher return to player percentages, and bigger wins each time you play with your real loonies.

Play for Real Money Anywhere, Anytime

If you decide to play online slots to win real money, your odds of winning are higher than when playing table or card games. The slot games that are available online offer almost unlimited variability in terms of theme, design, and the overall structure. The best online casinos for real money will let you play anywhere, anytime. You can literally start playing with nothing more than your smartphone, your laptop, or your desktop computer. You don't have to go anywhere! You could take advantage of your regular two hour daily commute on the train to and from work by playing games on your phone to pass the time and even win some money. You could choose to play a few games on the weekend rather than driving hours to the nearest Canadian casino and in so doing, not only increase your chances of winning a higher amount, but decrease the costs by not going to a physical casino. With mobile devices you can play real money casinos without having to get dressed up, without having to take time off work to travel, and without having to dedicate a great deal of your time to the game. You could, for example, log into your casino account, play a few games while you are waiting for your friend to arrive, and then pause the game once your friend arrives only to return to it the next time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, perhaps while sitting at the dentist office later that same afternoon.

Better Bonuses With Real Money Slots

When you play online slots real money bonuses are significantly more appealing than free version bonuses.  Imagine walking through the doors of a traditional casino and being handed money just for showing up. That would never happen on the Vegas Strip but it does happen in a virtual environment. All you have to do is sign up and make your first deposit with the online casinos and you get bonuses.The good news doesn't stop there. Real money casinos online want you to keep playing time and time again so they offer incentives that keep you coming back. Loyalty points are accumulated at a much higher rate compared to traditional casinos. Every dollar you spend earns you loyalty points that you can use for things like entries into online sweepstakes, real cash that you can withdraw from your account, trips, and more. Many sites will offer things like reload bonuses every month that you make additional deposits. There are incentives based on the physical device you are using to access the games like your desktop vs your mobile phone. Incentives are bound for different payment methods, and different types of games themselves.

More Variety Online

When you play online slots for real money,  you have more variety at your fingertips both literally and figuratively. Physical casinos are limited by the amount of space they have and by regulations stipulating the number of people that can be present, the width of walkways, etc. In an online environment that is not the case. Hundreds of games can be stored on a single server which means casinos can offer thousands at a time based on their size. What's more you don't have to wait for someone to get off the slot game you like. When you play real money slots in an online environment you and several hundred other people could be playing the same game at the same time and no one has to stand and wait.

Websites that offer free versions or trial versions are great fun for beginners but, just like trial versions in a physical casino, the variability is limited. You might only have access to a dozen or so games out of the hundreds that exist on the site. Once you make that real money deposit you have access to a great deal of more fun and entertainment.

The variety you have at your disposal doesn’t stop with the games. Online casinos operate on a global basis so they typically accept many of the common International currencies. You don't have to play it was just one type of currency. Even if you are in Canada, you can choose to play with a different currency or an international website that operates out of Germany but accepts Canadian currency. When you go on vacation, you can still use your Canadian currency at many international sites no matter where you are in the world, or play on your favourite Canadian online casino with home-grown Loonies! In fact many casinos today are expanding their horizons to accept deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. So you can protect your personal information while at home or on-the-go and use a cryptocurrency to achieve the same amount of fun and still gain access to the same bonuses.

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