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Online Curling Betting In Canada

Curling Bet OnlinePlacing online bets on curling has turned into one of bettors’ favourite activities in Canada as well as other parts of the world. With top bookies constantly finding new ways of making online betting as fast, fun, reliable and rewarding as possible, there is no surprise the sport has turned into one of the most popular in terms of online sports betting. With bettors having unrestricted access to their internet-connected smartphones 24/7, as well as computers, tablets and iPads, their access to top curling sites online can be done almost anywhere.

Top Curling Betting Sites

Given the fact that different bookies offer different options to bettors, it is best to make an informed decision when looking to open a new account for curling bets online. Below you will find the most reliable and advantageous curling betting sites for Canadians displayed in a list we will constantly update to match any changes and novelties in the industry. We’ve taken our time to assess each site feature and compare all bookies, resulting in a valuable top of recommended sites that will simplify your betting considerably. 

Online Curling Sportsbooks Comparisons 

Despite the fact that curling may not be the most popular game in the world, it is a challenging sport that interests Canadians and is made available by the most popular sportsbooks online. Some bookies are more profitable, safer or advantageous than others. This is where the platform comes into play. In order to be able to create the recommended lists and tops of the most reliable sportsbooks for Canadian bettors passionate about curling, we need to first assess a series of critical factors and features each bookie comes with. 

Here are a few details that should shed some more light on the way our expert bettors handle the comparison process. 

  • We compare curling bettings odds

  • We assess and compare limits for high and low stakes

  • We check ante-post availability for each bookie

  • We compare the number of markets offered by each sportsbook 

  • We access the depth of each market and compare it for all bookies 

  • We assess and compare the various types of bets offered

  • We test the response time and efficiency of customer support services 

  • We compare welcome bonus offers, free bets and loyalty programs and points 

Types Of Online Curling Bets 

When betting on curling, bettors have a few different options they can rely on:

Moneyline bets, the most common curling bets that require bettors to wager on the team they think will win a match. A match relies on the breaker in order to establish the winner, whenever necessary, so draws are not usually taken into consideration.

Total bets are similar to the bets found in other types of bets. Bettors need to guess whether the total number of points from both competing teams will go over or under the number that the oddsmaker has thought of. When the oddsmaker’s selection totals 15 points, the bettor will need to establish if both teams will be able to gather more or less than 15 points collectively. 

Handicap bets, another excellent choice when a match between outsiders is showing good odds in a head-to-head market. In other words, during a match with a clear favourite, where the price will turn a money line bet into a waste of time and money. Handicap betting offers bettors a better chance of earning a profit, with the typical handicap line of -1.5. 

Important Curling Events For Canadian Bettors

Online Curling BettingWith a series of sports events, championships and tournaments to keep on and keep up with, it can be difficult to know which are the most competitive curling teams and the biggest curling events to bet on. Plus, the biggest sportsbooks online only seem to express their interest in displaying a few of the biggest curling events. Among them, we can mention:

  • The Winter Olympics, the most popular and anticipated curling event for fans, bettors and players alike. To many people, this is the only time they are exposed to the sport. A new two-player discipline known as the mixed doubles has been added to the Olympics in 2018.

  • The World Championships are held every year and contested between top curling countries that qualify for the tournament. It resembles the format of the Olympics and features teams from 12 participating nations. Both Men’s and Women’s championship are held independently , along with mixed, senior and junior events.

  • The Men’s Curling Championship in Canada is also known as The Brier and it brings together the best teams from each Canadian province and territory. Since curling is mainly a Canadian sport and the championship in the country is one of the most popular worldwide, it would seem only normal that this event to be one of sporstbooks’ favourites. 

  • The Tournament of Hearts is the female version of the Canadian championship and it is currently called the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, name given by the current sponsor of the event.

Why Bet On Curling Online?

Curling is one of the sports that can be used to define part of Canada’s cultural identity. Originating in Scotland, it has manageda key event at the Winter Olympics, with the national Canadian team having won most medals throughout the years. Therefore, betting on curling is one of bettors’ favourite options, especially looking att he more complex platforms available in recent years. Online bookies offer a satisfying number of lines and markets, so placing a wager online today has never been easier.  

Choose one of our recommended, leading bookies and enjoy the security and convenience of a fully-reliable site covering the major events and offering the best odds.

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