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A Beginner’s Guide to eSports Betting Online

You will hear the term ‘eSports betting’ used in the next years more often, so you may as well find out what it is. Competitive video gaming is an industry that is worth over $1 billion in 2020. As a result, bookmakers are beginning to offer bets on the results of eSports tournaments. Today, you will find out more about key eSports betting terms, available sportsbooks and what the main tournament and events to bet on are.

eSports Betting Terms: Learn the Basics

In eSports betting, there are many terms that you will encounter. It’s important that you understand these and use them to your advantage. For your comfort, you can refer to the following list of eSports betting types as well as other terms from the eSports world.

  • Match bet – Match bet is the most common type of bet that you will see on an eSports bookmaker. In this type of betting situation, you choose to back one team and if the win succeeds, then your bet is honored and you win money back based on a specific formula based on the odds.
  • Odds – Odds signifies both the statistical probability of a team winning as well as what the rate of the pay-out would be. If you are backing OG to win against Team.Liquid in Dota 2 and the odds are OG 1.70 and Team.Liquid 1.50, Team.Liquid will be given a slightly better chances of success.  Odds of 1.50 mean that for every $1 you place you will win $1.5. If you bet on OG, you will be able to win $1.7, which means that OG are given a slightly smaller chance to win on this occasion.
  • In-play betting – In-play betting is a ‘live betting’ contest in which you can place wagers when a game is ongoing.
  • Skin betting – Skin betting is a specific form of betting that is very popular and is considered to be an even bigger market than traditional eSports betting itself. However, the activity is largely prohibited by most regulators and sportsbooks, so you need to be careful before you trust any eSports book that offers skin betting.

These are just some of the most common terms used when at an esport bookies. You will come across other terms, such as the types of bets, but those are really straightforward to begin with.

General Tips & Advice: How to Bet on eSports

To bet on eSports you need to only meet one specific condition – love the game you are betting on. Unlike traditional sports, video games are very ease to engage with. You can be part of a game in no time at all. This accessibility allows most gamers and bettors to gain some inside knowledge and even beat the bookmakers.

The next advice you need to consider is to always be up to date with the so-called ‘meta’. Technical changes to a game can briefly give an advantage to a certain team. You also need to follow players closely and register any changes in them as well. eSports betting is just as complex as real sports betting, but you can readily access quite a bit of information to always know what’s going on.

Do’s and Don'ts of eSports Betting

If you want to truly excel at eSports betting, you will need to consider this basic rule book that will guarantee you success in the long term. Here are the rules:

  1. Only bet when you have enough raw data to support a bet
  2. Don’t bet on a favourite team that is likely to use
  3. Research and study the event and team you are backing
  4. Focus on a few games when you are a beginner
  5. Read patch notes for each game and play it yourself when you have the time
  6. Make sure it’s a hobby so that you can get a lot of information without having to spend extra hours on the game

Major Tournaments and Events to Bet On

The world of competitive video gaming is huge and there are a lot of tournaments. To understand what events you can bet on, you will need to focus on each individual game separately. They all come with specific tournaments.

To sum things up, you can say that every eSports game has the equivalent of a ‘Super Bowl’ or ‘World Cup’. Each of these events excites a lot of interest and it’s understandable why you will see many people bet on them.

While a comprehensive list would feature over one hundred events, you can still make sure to never miss out any of the following:

  • Overwatch World Cup - Overwatch
  • The International – Dota 2
  • Call of Duty World Cup – Call of Duty
  • Worlds Championship - League of Legends
  • WCS Global Finals – StarCraft

There are many other events to consider, including the CS:GO Professional Circuit and other franchised league models. Overall, there is always something worth betting on when it comes to eSports. So long as you follow the main games, you will have a variety of events to bet on.

Final Words

eSports betting is quite a bit of fun and you will definitely want to try it out. Especially so if you are a fan of video gaming. By spending some time learning a game and watching the major tournaments, you can soon start spotting trends that the bookmakers have missed. Make sure you place a successful wager.

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