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Video Poker combines the simple fun of slots and the excitement of poker. Use strategy and skill to play Video Poker, one of the most popular online casino games.

Play Online Video Poker for Real Money

Online video poker for real money is very similar to traditional poker insofar as it uses the same rules, cards, and settings, with the difference being that it's played virtually. You are playing against the machine, against the random number generator and not against another player. There are many varieties that make video poker a great deal of fun and the potential to win real money makes it even more so, especially at a new online casino.

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Tips to Play Real Money Video Poker

As a high-stakes player, having proper online tips will help you to increase your payout with online Video Poker real money games, although it is important to understand that they will not guarantee winning 100% at any time. As you perfect the beginner strategies, you can start to integrate more advanced play, so as to make the most of any time you spend gambling.

Online strategies with online casinos for real money are there to help you have fun and to help you win real money with online Video Poker. Online slots utilize some of the same rules as a traditional poker game with the key exception being that you play in a virtual environment so you simply don't have the social aspect, but you still have the same rules.  Rather than playing against opponents you're playing against the computer.

Proper Bankroll 

One of the first tips that you should follow when you play a top casino games online is utilizing a large bankroll.. These games utilize random number generators but  to that end as you become a more advanced player it's time to stop playing safely with smaller bets and start playing more accurately with larger bets. To do this, you  need to be using a bigger  bankroll. The more bankroll you have, the larger the bets you can make. 

On that note, look for machines that require a larger minimum and maximum bet, particularly those designed with bigger screens and bigger payouts. The games which have great bonuses built into them are of particular benefit to high rollers because in exchange for having low payouts each time you spin, once you hit the jackpot the payouts are substantial. If you have the bank roll to support this, it is in your best interest to seek out the more advanced games. 

Use Bonuses Wisely

It is important to keep in mind your bonuses. Many online casinos use bonuses for slot games through cash bonuses that match your deposit or free spins as part of the welcome bonus. Most of these promotions are affected by the terms of the casino, but ideally, in order to win more you need to, maximize the bets , which you can do easier if you have extra bankroll from a bonus, or extra hands on your favourite slot game. 

When you are playing video poker the machines vary insofar as some have progressive jackpots and others don't. More importantly there were so many varieties available like Deuces Wild that you need to know the rules and the potential payouts for each. Statistically speaking, many of the variants are not going to offer high rollers the earnings that they truly seek. When you play online one of the nice advantages is that you can literally look up the rules on your device via the casino before you start playing. 

Just like traditional poker, as an advanced player betting real money you need to know when you are personally going to fold based on your cards and when you are going to stay. This requires some knowledge of which winning hands are the most lucrative. Traditionally, these are the most lucrative hands: 

1. Royal flush: with A, K, Q, J, 10, all of the same suit.
2. Straight flush: with 5 cards in a sequence, all of in the same suit.
3. Four of a kind: with 4 cards of the same rank.
4. Full house: with 3 of a kind with a pair.
5. Flush.
6. Straight.
7. Three of a kind.
8. Two pair. 

However, the most lucrative winning hands are going to be based on the type of variety you are playing for video poker. That is why you need to know whether the variety you have chosen gives you higher payouts for things like sets of 2 or any other numerical cards. That is why you want to read the instructions and know which variety you are playing. Knowing what you are playing, figuring out which type you like most, and using these strategies will help you to develop better skills more appropriate for a high stakes player, and thereby extending your bankroll and mitigating losses.

Play Video Poker for Real Money Today 

All of these tips and strategies require a great deal of practice and no matter how advanced you are, the more you play, the better you will be at using them. To that end try your hand at different strategies with

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